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Abbreviation List for Submitting Narrative Information

The following abbreviations are suggested for use in the NTE 2400 (line note) or NTE 2300 (claim note) segments of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI X12) format or field 498-PP of the National Council for Prescription Drug Program (NCPDP) format. These abbreviations may also be used in Item 19 of the CMS-1500 claim form.

Abbreviation Description
ABN Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage
ADMC Advanced Determination of Medical Coverage
ADMD Admit Date
AFO Ankle-foot orthotic
ANND Anniversary Date
AOB Assignment of Benefits
ASP Average sales price
ATP Assistive Technology Practitioner
AWP Average wholesale pricing
BiPAP Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure
BIB Break In Billing
BIS Break In Service
BBR Broken Beyond Repair
CPPA Condition of Payment
D/T Due To
DISC Discount
DISD Discharge Date
DLD Delivery Date
DOP Date of Purchase
DOS Date of Service
ELR Elevating Leg Rests
EPO Epoetin
EQ Equipment
EN Enteral Nutrition
ESRD End Stage Renal Disease
FFS Fee-for-Service
GT CL BE Greater Clinical Benefit
IC Requesting Individual Consideration
IDD Irreparable Damage Date
IOL Intraocular lens
IP Inpatient
IPPB Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing
IV Intravenous
KAFO Knee-ankle foot orthotic
LCMP Licensed Certified Medical Professional
LE Lower Extremity
LOS Length of stay
LPM Liters per minute
LSO Lumbar-sacral orthosis
MD Muscular Dystrophy or Medical Doctor
MDL Model Number
MFG Manufacturer Number
MISC K0108 or E1399
MMT Manual Muscle Testing
MRADL's Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living
MS Maintenance/Service
MWC Manual Wheelchair
NDC National drug code
NDX New Diagnosis Code
NOC Not Otherwise Classified
#WNDS Number of Wounds
NPWT Negative pressure wound therapy
ODX Old Diagnosis Code
OP Outpatient
ORIG Original
OWN Patient/Beneficiary Owned
PAP Positive Airway Pressure
PAR/PA Prior Authorization
PBO Part on Order/Part on Back Order
PEN Parenteral and enteral nutrition
PN Parenteral nutrition
PUR Purchased
P&O Prosthetic and orthotic
PORTO2 Portable Oxygen Unit
PMD Power mobility device
POS Place of service
POV Power-operated vehicle
PUD Pick Up Date
PWC Power Wheelchair
RAD Respiratory Assist Device
RDF Renal dialysis facility
RESNA Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America
R/N Reasonable and Necessary
ROM Range of Motion
R/O Ruled Out
RPL Replacement
RPR Repair
RUL Reasonable Useful Lifetime
SD Surgery Date
SE Specialty Evaluation
SNF Skilled nursing facility
SOB Shortness of breath
SRL Serial Number
TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator
TENS 2L or 4L TENS 2 Leads or 4 Leads
TPN Total Parenteral Nutrition
TLSO Thoracic-Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis
UE Upper Extremity
UOS Units of Service
WC Wheelchair
WOPD Written order prior to delivery


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