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September 1, 2022

Appropriate Billing of Drug Code for IVIG Demonstration Program

Suppliers are reminded that when billing Medicare claims for the IVIG demonstration program, the drug code, the J code, should be billed with the date the drug was shipped or provided to the patient. This code should not be billed with a date span, but only a “from” date.

For the IVIG demonstration code, Q2052, to be paid, the date for this code must be on/after the “to” date billed for the J code, otherwise, the claim will be denied.

If you have billed incorrectly and received denials on the demonstration code, call the reopenings line at 844.240.7490 to have the dates corrected on the J code. Also ask them to also reprocess the line with the demonstration code, Q2052. Reopenings can only be done up to one year after the initial process date of the claim.


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