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August 16, 2022

Are you using CGS Connect to reduce claim denials?

The CGS Connect program offers suppliers unique, concierge-level service, as CGS clinicians review and evaluation pre-claim documentation and provide feedback before suppliers submit the initial claim to Medicare.

DME supplier Dabney S. recently shared about her experience with CGS Connect.

"Participating in this specialized program has done WONDERS for our claims process. Claims are paid and not kicked back because of missing paperwork. As an office administrator, CGS Connect has allowed me to help my billing department in more ways than one, not to mention getting paid more quickly and lessening the chance of an audit."

Kellyn D., another DME supplier, said that CGS Connect has been an invaluable resource. "CGS Connect can tell you immediately and specifically what is in error or missing, in addition to you might need to improve in regard to documentation, content, or style."

"By participating in CGS Connect, we are no longer nervous about Medicare auditing and recouping claims due to documentation errors. We can also now move forward to offer a new DME item, using CGS Connect as a resource to ensure the documentation is error-free so we will be able to increase our overall DME offerings, thereby increasing our DME claims."

In 2022, CGS added 10 HCPCS codes to the existing codes and policy groups:

  • Hospital Beds: E0261, E0303
  • Ankle Foot Orthosis: L1902, L1906, L1930, L1971, L4360, L4361, L4396, L4397

View all codes and program information on the CGS Connect page, and start utilizing this resource!


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