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July 5, 2022

myCGS 7.3 Available Now!

myCGS 7.3 is here! The new version of the DME web portal introduces major enhancements to the Same/Similar functions available in the portal. This update combines several existing functions into one screen and adds new functionality to make same/similar searches easier and more efficient. Highlights include:

  • A new Same/Similar screen combines the previous functionality of the CMN Status, Claim History, and Diabetic Supplies & Shoes screens into one easy-to-use search.
  • The new Same/Similar screen gives users a wide array of options for performing same/similar searches. You can search by individual HCPCS codes, partial codes, a range of codes, or product category (without entering any specific HCPCS code).
  • The Same/Similar screen can provide data for both Jurisdiction B and Jurisdiction C in one search, eliminating the need to switch back and forth.
  • The Same/Similar screen adds additional details about beneficiary equipment history (like denied CMNs) and improves the printing ability of same/similar results.
  • A new user role, called a Same/Similar User, will be available for suppliers who bill Jurisdictions A and/or D (but not B or C).
    • This new role allows for JA/JD suppliers to use myCGS for Same/Similar inquiries, even if they don’t bill claims to CGS.
    • Existing JA/JD-only myCGS users will need to re-register for myCGS using the new Same/Similar User role once myCGS 7.3 is released.

For complete instructions, refer to the myCGS User Manual and the myCGS Registration and Account Management Guide.


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