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June 30, 2022

myCGS Will Be Unavailable This Weekend—myCGS 7.3 Coming July 5

myCGS 7.3 is coming on July 5! Installation and maintenance activities for the new release will begin on the evening of Friday, July 1, at approximately 5 pm Central Time, and will continue through the weekend. Therefore, myCGS will be unavailable July 2–4. myCGS 7.3 will be available beginning at 6 am Central Time on Tuesday, July 5.

The new version of myCGS is highlighted by a brand new Same/Similar screen, which combines the previous functionality of the CMN Status, Claim History, and Diabetic Supplies & Shoes screens into one easy-to-use search. Additionally, myCGS 7.3 will include:

  • A new user role, called a Same/Similar User (SSU), which will be available for suppliers who bill Jurisdictions A and/or D (but not B or C).
  • Consistent date fields—all date input fields in myCGS will be in the MM/DD/YYYY (eight digit) format.

Additional details about myCGS 7.3 can be found in our myCGS 7.3 with New and Improved Same/Similar Coming July 5! article, published on June 27. Full instructions for the new version will be available in the myCGS User Manual and myCGS Registration and Account Management Guide on July 5. We think you'll love the Same/Similar updates, and we can't wait to share the new version with you!


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