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May 27, 2021

What Suppliers Are Saying About Google Authenticator

In March, myCGS added Google Authenticator as an option for having instant MFA codes when accessing the portal, eliminating the need to wait on emails or text messages.

Since we released Google Authenticator, suppliers have provided feedback on how it is positively impacting their workplaces. Read several reviews below, and try out Google Authenticator via the mobile phone app or the web browser extension for yourself!

“I'm so happy that I finally took the leap and set up my Google Authenticator to receive my MFA. It only took me 2 minutes, and I was able to use it instantly. My initial apprehension was because I did not want to lose access to the portal, and I am always in a hurry. The directions from CGS were easy to follow and I experienced no delay in portal use.”

– Stephanie L.

“After CGS did their update on myCGS, which gave you the ability to have Google Authenticator as your MFA, I wanted to try it. Waiting for an email was very lengthy at times, and sometimes I would hit it more than once and didn’t know which one to use. When I downloaded Google Authenticator, it was very simple and very easy. I have other apps that use Google Authenticator also, so it was very convenient. There is no waiting for anything, the number is just there and constantly changing. It is great! I love it.”

– Melodie R.

“Google Authenticator is so much easier. We can actually get through to the web portal using it. Previously, we would submit for an email code, and it would take forever. THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER. Thank you for your help with this issue.”

– Alma E.

Watch a video tutorial on how to install Google Authenticator!



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