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March 15, 2021

Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG) Demonstration

CMS released a Medicare Learning Network fact sheet, Intravenous Immune Globulin DemonstrationExternal PDF.

This fact sheet educates Medicare suppliers on the Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG) demonstration and gives information on:

  • Supplier eligibility and participation
  • Beneficiary eligibility and participation
  • Billing and coding requirements

The IVIG demonstration began in October of 2014 and has been extended twice by Congress. The demonstration will now end on December 31, 2023.  All beneficiaries enrolled in the demonstration as of November 15, 2020, are automatically re-enrolled in the demonstration for the extension period, and don’t need to take any action. Suppliers can continue to provide and be paid for demonstration services to these beneficiaries on or after January 1, 2021.

In accordance with the existing requirements of the demonstration, CMS is continuing to accept new enrollment into the demonstration. You may also check the IVIG demonstration websiteExternal Website for more information, and applications can be found under “Additional Information”.


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