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Your Provider Jurisdiction B Outreach and Education team strives to ensure every supplier has access to Medicare education. One way is to do that is by taking our education directly to the communities we serve. POE develops workshop materials based on a variety of data elements. For example, we use CERT error data, CGS Medical Review pre-pay analysis, claims processing trends, and other information to ensure we provide education that is of benefit to you. Many of our workshop sessions include documentation examples that demonstrate common errors or other compliance issues pertaining to the session topic.

Each year, CGS hosts workshops in different cities throughout the jurisdiction. We recently hosted our May 16 Nashville Mega workshop and it had a great turnout. If you missed the Nashville workshop, there are other live education opportunities available in 2019 for you to get in-person answers to your questions and speak with your POE rep. Be sure to check back here and watch our ListServs for other workshop announcements and registration information! We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Who Should Attend: New AND experienced DME Suppliers, Orthotics and Prosthetics Suppliers, clearinghouses for DME suppliers, new office staff, those whom respond to audit requests, and those who are curious about how claims process.


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CGS does not allow its education and training activities to be videotaped or recorded.


If you have questions regarding the workshops/seminars listed, please send an email to

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