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How Do I Appeal An Overpayment?

Take these actions when you receive the demand letter to refund an overpayment:

  1. It is in your best interest to immediately refund the requested amount. This will help you avoid an offset and accruing interest.
  2. File your appeal using the online Redetermination Request Form*

    1. Select YES in the Overpayment Appeal section of the form
    2. Indicate who requested the overpayment (Medical Review, UPIC, CERT, SMRC, OIG, Recovery Auditor (RAC) etc.)
    3. Submit your appeal to the appropriate DME MAC using the information provided on the form.

      • Submission via the myCGS Web Portal:
        • Use the Reprocessing tab or the Redetermination button on the Redetermination Claims Status screen.
      • Submission via fax:
        • Send your fax to the Overpayment Redetermination Fax Line at 615.664.5907.
      • Submission via mail:
        • CGS

          Overpayment Appeals
          PO Box 23917
          Nashville, TN 37202

Written reopening requests should be made using the current Medicare Reopening RequestPDF form. If you wish to send a written request instead of using the Medicare Reopening Request form, be sure to include the following information:

Incomplete requests will be returned along with an explanation for the return. You will be instructed to resubmit your request.

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