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Supplier Requirements for Durable Medical Equipment

Let's learn more about the requirements your durable medical equipment supplier must meet before an item or service can be considered for payment by Medicare. 

There are currently 58 local coverage determinations or LCDs ranging from canes and walkers to wheelchairs and hospital beds.  These policies are consistent across all durable medical equipment contractors.  That means that regardless of where you live or where your medical equipment supplier is located, the policies are always the same for durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies – also referred to as DMEPOS.

Each policy contains specific requirements and instructions for your medical equipment supplier.  They include federal regulatory requirements, coding options, specific medical criteria, and testing requirements among many, many other details. Again, if you want billing information OR you have questions about whether an item or service is paid for by Medicare, you must call 1.800.MEDICARE.  CGS Jurisdiction B does not have access to your records.  None of the payment tools and services we offer on our website will provide you with that information.  Our online tools and services were created exclusively for your medical equipment supplier.  1.800.MEDICARE is the only Medicare contractor available to assist you with payment information and patient-related questions.

Posted: 07.01.16

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