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Top Claim Submission Errors for Hospice Providers: Error U5106

Reason for error: Hospice elections and benefit periods are posted to the Common Working File (CWF) when notice of elections (NOEs) and/or claims are processed. When another hospice NOE is submitted that overlaps the election/benefit period posted to CWF, including a duplicate NOE, the NOE will receive this reason code.

Claim processing result: Return to Provider (RTP)

How to prevent/resolve:

  • Ensure that the NOE you are submitting is not a duplicate of a previously submitted/processed NOE. Use FISS Option 12 to check for previously submitted NOEs.
  • Before submitting an NOE (81A or 82A), review the beneficiary's hospice benefit periods on ELGH Page 9 or ELGA Page 2. Ensure the Admit Date on the NOE you are submitting does not fall within the START DATE and TERM DATE of the benefit period on ELGH/ELGA.

Posted: 07.29.11

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