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September 26, 2017 - Reviewed: 04.07.2022

What Are Acceptable Electronic Signature Notations?

All patient medical record entries must be legible, complete, dated, and authenticated in written or electronic form by the person responsible for providing or evaluating the service provided. Electronic signatures should contain date and timestamps and include printed statements (see below) followed by the practitioner's name and preferably a professional designation.

The e-signature line includes the author's e-signature, full name, credentials, date, and time of e-signing. The following are preferred examples of signatures and would be accepted by CMS:

  • Electronically signed by
  • Signed by
  • Authenticated by
  • Seized by
  • Data entered by
  • Approved by
  • Completed by
  • Verified by
  • Finalized by
  • Validated by
  • Generated by
  • Confirmed by
  • Digitalized signature: Handwritten and scanned into the computer. Be aware that electronic and digital signatures are not the same as 'auto-authentication' or 'auto-signature' systems, some of which do not mandate or permit the provider to review an entry before signing.

Indications that a document has been 'Signed but not read' are not acceptable.


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