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ACT (Ask the Contractor Teleconferences)

Information regarding upcoming DME MAC Jurisdiction C Ask the Contractor Teleconferences, as well as transcripts from past calls.

This is your opportunity to ask questions regarding Medicare issues that impact your company and receive answers from DME MAC Jurisdiction C subject matter experts.

Upcoming ACT Calls

PMD Prior Authorization Expansion ACT Call

When: September 8, 2014, 1:30 PM Central
Toll-free: 800.289.0462
Passcode: 389967

A transcript will be uploaded to the CGS website after the call.

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Archived ACT Calls

Many of the documents offered below are provided in Adobe PDF format. Download a free copy of Acrobat Reader.External Website

Date Type Minutes from this meeting
04/28/14 2014 Prosthetic and Orthotic TranscriptPDF (269K)
02/24/14 General TranscriptPDF (241K)
12/19/13 Learn how to reduce claim denials related to January 2014 edits to deny invalid ordering/referring physician information TranscriptPDF (177K)
Encore PresentationMP3 (7MB)
10/21/13 General TranscriptPDF (193K)
06/27/13 myCGS TranscriptPDF (116K)
03/06/13 PMD Prior Authorization Project TranscriptPDF (122K)
10/29/12 PWK/esMD TranscriptPDF (282K)
09/25/12 General Español TranscriptPDF (178K)
9/18/12 PMD Prior Authorization Project TranscriptPDF (243K)
6/22/12 General TranscriptPDF (330K)
3/29/12 General TranscriptPDF (179K)
12/20/11 General TranscriptPDF (286K)
09/29/11 Medicare Audit Program
TranscriptPDF (750K)
05/25/11 Ask the Contractor Teleconferences (ACT)
TranscriptPDF (1.11MB)
02/23/11 Oxygen - DME MAC CERT Education Task Force TranscriptPDF (102k)
Pre-submitted questionsPDF (204K)
Encore PresentationMP3 (17MB)
11/11/10 General PDF VersionPDF (318k)
09/21/10 General, in Spanish only PDF VersionPDF (45k)
9/15/10 General PDF VersionPDF (325k)
08/25/10 Orthotics and Prosthetics PDF VersionPDF (33k)
06/09/10 General PDF VersionPDF (31k)
03/25/10 Specialty - National Supplier Clearinghouse PDF VersionPDF (81k)
01/13/10 DME MAC
CERT Education Task Force
Pre-submitted questionsPDF (204K)
During-call questionsPDF (295K)
TranscriptPDF (92K)
Encore PresentationMP3 (17MB)
12/08/09 General PDF VersionPDF (59k)
11/17/09 ACT Top Inquiries Minutes PDF VersionPDF (75k)
10/26/09 General, in Spanish only PDF VersionPDF (34k)
09/16/09 General PDF VersionPDF (65k)
09/01/09 CBIC PDF VersionPDF (62k)
07/09/09 General, in Spanish only PDF VersionPDF (75k)
06/16/09 General PDF VersionPDF (115k)
05/14/09 CERT PDF VersionPDF (52k)
03/11/09 General PDF VersionPDF (67k)
02/24/09 Glucose Monitors and Supplies PDF VersionPDF (71k)
02/04/09 NSC PDF VersionPDF (91k)
12/10/08 General PDF VersionPDF (137k)
12/08/08 Oxygen MP3 VersionMP3 (9 MB)
PDF VersionPDF (109k)
10/20/08 Specialty - CERT PDF VersionPDF (57k)
10/09/08 Specialty PDF VersionPDF (46k)
09/17/08 General PDF VersionPDF (140k)
06/23/08 General PDF VersionPDF (51k)
New Supplier PDF VersionPDF (51k)
03/18/08 N/A PDF VersionPDF (135k)
01/23/08 N/A PDF VersionPDF (83k)
12/12/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF (158k)
09/26/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF (161k)
06/26/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF (199k)
05/16/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF (155k)
04/18/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF (83k)
03/21/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF (83k)

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