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ACT (Ask the Contractor Teleconferences)


Information regarding upcoming DME MAC Jurisdiction C Ask the Contractor Teleconferences, as well as transcripts from past calls.

Upcoming ACT Calls

Please join the DME Provider Outreach and Education team for a General ACT call on August 18, 2016, at 1:00 PM Central. Suppliers may ask questions concerning any aspect of DMEPOS Medicare during this teleconference.

Toll-free number: 866.598.9781
Passcode: 1918229

Be sure to dial in a few minutes early so you won't miss any opening statements.

Note: A transcript will be uploaded to this webpage after the teleconference - watch for an accompanying ListServ announcement.

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Archived ACT Calls

Many of the documents offered below are provided in Adobe PDF format. Download a free copy of Acrobat ReaderExternal Website.

Date Type Minutes from this meeting
05/25/16 Revisions to ACA 6407 TranscriptPDF
03/28/16 Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes TranscriptPDF
12/03/15 General TranscriptPDF
09/28/15 ICD-10 TranscriptPDF
06/30/15 General TranscriptPDF
02/10/15 ACA 6407 F2F and WOPD Requirements TranscriptPDF
11/19/14 Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes TranscriptPDF
09/08/14 PMD Prior Authorization TranscriptPDF
04/28/14 2014 Prosthetic and Orthotic TranscriptPDF
02/24/14 General TranscriptPDF
12/19/13 Learn how to reduce claim denials related to January 2014 edits to deny invalid ordering/referring physician information TranscriptPDF
Encore PresentationMP3 (7MB)
10/21/13 General TranscriptPDF
06/27/13 myCGS TranscriptPDF
03/06/13 PMD Prior Authorization Project TranscriptPDF
10/29/12 PWK/esMD TranscriptPDF
09/25/12 General Español TranscriptPDF
9/18/12 PMD Prior Authorization Project TranscriptPDF
6/22/12 General TranscriptPDF
3/29/12 General TranscriptPDF
12/20/11 General TranscriptPDF
09/29/11 Medicare Audit Program TranscriptPDF
05/25/11 Ask the Contractor Teleconferences (ACT) TranscriptPDF
02/23/11 Oxygen - DME MAC CERT Education Task Force TranscriptPDF
Pre-submitted questionsPDF
Encore PresentationMP3 (17MB)
11/11/10 General PDF VersionPDF
09/21/10 General, in Spanish only PDF VersionPDF
9/15/10 General PDF VersionPDF
08/25/10 Orthotics and Prosthetics PDF VersionPDF
06/09/10 General PDF VersionPDF
03/25/10 Specialty - National Supplier Clearinghouse PDF VersionPDF
01/13/10 DME MAC
CERT Education Task Force
Pre-submitted questionsPDF
During-call questionsPDF
Encore PresentationMP3 (17MB)
12/08/09 General PDF VersionPDF
11/17/09 ACT Top Inquiries Minutes PDF VersionPDF
10/26/09 General, in Spanish only PDF VersionPDF
09/16/09 General PDF VersionPDF
09/01/09 CBIC PDF VersionPDF
07/09/09 General, in Spanish only PDF VersionPDF
06/16/09 General PDF VersionPDF
05/14/09 CERT PDF VersionPDF
03/11/09 General PDF VersionPDF
02/24/09 Glucose Monitors and Supplies PDF VersionPDF
02/04/09 NSC PDF VersionPDF
12/10/08 General PDF VersionPDF
12/08/08 Oxygen MP3 VersionMP3 (9 MB)
PDF VersionPDF
10/20/08 Specialty - CERT PDF VersionPDF
10/09/08 Specialty PDF Version PDF
09/17/08 General PDF VersionPDF
06/23/08 General PDF VersionPDF
New Supplier PDF VersionPDF
03/18/08 N/A PDF VersionPDF
01/23/08 N/A PDF VersionPDF
12/12/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF
09/26/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF
06/26/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF
05/16/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF
04/18/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF
03/21/07 N/A PDF VersionPDF

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