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CERT (Comprehensive Error Rate Testing)

What is CERT?

This section provides a brief history on the CERT process and why it was developed.

Appealing a CERT Error

Review this section for important appeals information and processes related to CERT.

CERT Claim Identifier Tool

CGS has created an online tool that provides you with results of a CERT review. Use this section to access the tool.

CERT Task Force

The DME Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional unit comprised of provider outreach experts from all four DME MACs. They collaborate to provide focused education to the Medicare supplier community in order to decrease the overall CERT error rate.


Review this section to learn more about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

On August 16, 2016 CMS awarded the CERT Review Contractor work to AdvanceMed, an NCI company. This eliminated Livanta as the CERT Documentation Contractor. The work currently being performed by the incumbent Documentation Contractor will be transitioned to the Review Contactor (AdvanceMed).

Important Information:

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