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October 26, 2012

PC-ACE Pro32 Users - Compatibility with Windows 8

Our Software vender has performed thorough testing of PC-ACE Pro32 running on the new Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft. They have not identified any compatibility issues in our testing to date. We encourage you to perform your own tests of PC-ACE Pro32 on Windows 8, and would welcome any feedback you may have.

Windows 8 was officially released today. As you may already know, the Windows 8 user experience is very different from Windows 7. PC-ACE Pro32 runs in the Windows 8 "Desktop", which roughly resembles the existing Windows 7 desktop (minus the familiar Start button). Once launched, PC-ACE Pro32 looks and operates as it has in all previous Windows versions.

Attached please find an updated version of the "PC-ACE Pro32 Network Installation Instructions" document, which now includes the Windows client and server configuration changes required for reliable database access in a networked environment. Additional technical notes pertaining to PC-ACE Pro32 in a Windows 8 environment are also included in this revised documentPDF.

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