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What can myCGS do for you?

myCGS is an online portal that provides instant information and allows you to submit secure forms and transactions, including:

  • Beneficiary Eligibility information
  • Checking Claims Status
  • View and print Remittance Advices
  • Financial Information
  • Respond to Medical Review (MR) Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs)
  • Submit and check the status of Redetermination Requests
  • Submit General Inquiries related to a number of topics - NEW!

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Billing Clarification for the Two New Home Health G-Codes

Change Request 9369External PDF established two new G-codes, G0299 (services of a registered nurse) and G0300 (services of a licensed practical nurse) to differentiate levels of nursing services provided during a hospice stay and a home health episode of care.

For episodes that span January 1, 2016, home health providers need to report G0154 for 2015 visits. The new codes, G0299 or G0300, need to be reported for visits made in 2016. The G0154 code will no longer be allowed for visits made on or after January 1, 2016. For additional information, please refer to the MM9369External PDF Medicare Learning Network Matters® article.

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